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    • Roopkund Trek - Trek the Indian Himalayas - Indiahikes

      No roller coaster can give you the adrenaline rush you get as you walk along a sharp, exposed ridge towards Junargali, while holding onto a rope. Although this part of the climb depends on a lot of factors ...

    • My Happiest Trek Moment – Personal Stories of Accomplishment, ...

      We heard about Junargali throughout the trek how beautiful the view is up there! And not everyone gets a chance to go there as the weather plays an important role! And then there was me with fear of heights, ...

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            Roopkund - Wikipedia

            [18] The Lake is flanked by a rock face named Junargali to the North and a peak named Chandania Kot to the East. A religious festival is held at the alpine meadow of Bedni Bugyal every autumn with nearby ...

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            Trisul - Wikipedia

            This article is about 'mountain peaks of Himalaya'. For other uses, see ... Trishul seen from Junargali.

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            • Towering Snow-Capped Beauty On The Way To Roopkund - tapank

              Location of Roopkund lake and Junargali pass. ... Just few steps away from lake take route for Junargali pass.

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                    roopkund trek route map - deyoli.org

                    If you are trekking beyond Junargali to Ronti Saddle, then you have to hire a porter only. Today, Roopkund Trek is considered among the best treks in India. Delhi to Roopkund Trek Cost . So, being alone ...

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                        Ronti Saddle Trek With Roopkund And Homkund - Himalayan High

                        Passes: Junargali ( 5150m ), Ronti Saddle ( 5300m ). Lakes: Home Kund ( 4602m ), Roopkund ( 4784m )

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                            bedni bugyal trek cost - deyoli.org

                            Summit Day : To Roopkund and Junargali. Cost . Today after a steady ascent through thick oak forest we will come to the alpine grazing meadows called Ali bugyal. To the most amazing perspectives of the ...

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                                  ★ Himalaya: Núi, đồng cỏ và bí ẩn ★ - Bạn Bè

                                  Các sườn núi được gọi là Junargali. Cimb lên đến Junargali là khó khăn hơn nhiều so với bất kỳ ngày nào khác trong suốt thời gian của chuyến đi. Điều này đặc biệt đòi hỏi phải có một hướng dẫn và một số ...

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                                      From The Himalayas Art Board Prints | Redbubble

                                      trishul from junargali, above roopkund, the himalayas, india Art Board Print.

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